About Us

Capacity Statement

Capacity Statement Since 1999 Rugged Edge Holdings Ltd has provided specialized infrastructure, manpower, logistics services and technical project expertise to companies in the natural resources exploration sector in Canada.

REMCO Rentals Ltd, a Rugged Edge subsidiary company, supplies specialized equipment to Rugged Edge clients as well as innovative equipment and services to support emerging markets requiring rapid technical and logistical deployments.


Who we are

Vision, Mission & Values


Bring rapid, precise and dependable manpower, technical solutions and logistics services to support mineral exploration, transportation, environmental protection and emergency response in remote, extreme and/or emergency conditions.


Create product innovations and provide services that are rapidly deployable; remove technical uncertainty; cut costs; improve safety; minimize environmental impact; and strive for sustainability.


Customer First

We are commited to quality • We think of the unthinkable

Team on a Mission

We act collaboratively • We believe the best answer primes • We embrace diversity and elevate others

Change the Game

We innovate, evolve and adapt, continously • We are bold and not afraid to fail • We embrace change to remain relevant

Act with Ingenuity

We are truthful first, and foremost • We do what is right • We show respect and have no tolerance for politics or hidden


We contribute to the well-being of our community • We nurture relationships that benefit stakeholders • We care about and promote the well-being of our environment

We have Lives

We operate safely with a zero incident policy • We have fun and share joy • We are flexible and understand the competing needs in our lives • We support your growth to help you to succeed



Meet the Team




Julien is co-founder and president of Rugged Edge Holdings and REMCO. With over 20 years’ experience in the mineral exploration sector and drilling industry, Julien brings flair, innovative thinking and determination to the leadership team. Julien’s substantial technical and problem-solving skills are invaluable when working in some of the globe’s most remote, extreme and unforgiving areas.



Vice President

Stacy Dupuis, is no newcomer to “rugged” entrepreneurship! She gained valuable experience working from a young age in retail and hospitality companies. Her foray into business came while constructing a service base operation for remote camps in the exploration sector. Over the past 20 years, Stacy has clung on to helicopters, driven supplies to the back and beyond and administered Rugged Edge Holdings – all this while raising a family! This can-do attitude has become the backbone of the Rugged Edge DNA.



Chief Executive Officer

Mark is a visionary entrepreneur, researcher, author and public-private finance/infrastructure professional having lived and worked in over 15 countries; most recently in war-torn regions of Africa. Mark brings a creative, participatory and international dimension to the Rugged Edge Group of Companies.


Our history

Trusted Services Since 1999.

The rebrand. Embracing the new and old.

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Let's Work Together

REH approaches every project with a strong focus on safety, efficiency, value and environmental responsibility.